PopBloom Reef Coral LED Aquarium Light, 200W

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Illuminate your marine or saltwater aquarium with the PopBloom Reef Coral LED Aquarium Light. Designed for optimal reef coral growth, this 200W light fixture provides full-spectrum lighting, ensuring vibrant and healthy corals in your tank.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Lighting: 200W power with 80PCS Bridgelux 3W LEDs, providing high PAR and full spectrum for coral growth.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for reef corals, SPS, LPS, soft corals, and hard corals.
  • Adjustable Channels: 4 dimmable channels with 1% adjustability for precise control of light intensity and color.
  • Smart Simulation: Features sunrise, sunset, 4 seasons, lunar cycle, and moonlight simulations.
  • Enhanced Growth Modes: Smart modes include slow acclimation, fast growth, vivid color, and coral fragging.
  • High PAR: 720 PAR@25CM ensures efficient light penetration for optimal coral health.
  • Wide Coverage: Ideal for tanks with a capacity of 80cm-120cm (30 in-48 in), providing even light distribution.
  • Energy Efficient: Saves more than 15% on energy costs while delivering high lumen output of 8400 Lm.
  • User-Friendly: Includes 2 panels and 1 smart controller for easy setup and control.
  • Worldwide Compatibility: Adapter supports AC 100-265 V, making it suitable for use anywhere.
  • Multiple Plug Options: Available with EU/BR/US/UK/AU plugs, sent based on the country.


  • Power: 200W
  • Width: 48″ (4ft) / 120cm
  • Fixture: LID
  • Brand Name: PopBloom
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Fish
  • Water Type: Marine, Saltwater
  • Application: Reef Coral, SPS LPS, Soft Coral, Hard Coral
  • Tank Capacity: 80cm-120cm (30 in-48 in, 2.5ft-4ft)
  • Color: Black
  • LEDs: 80PCS Bridgelux 3W LEDs
  • Feature: Highest PAR, Full Spectrum, Coral Growth, Smart Fan
  • PAR: 720 PAR@25CM
  • Lumen: 8400 Lm
  • Lens: 120 degree
  • Channels: 4 channels with 1% dimmable
  • Simulation: Sunrise, Sunset, 4 Seasons, Lunar Cycle, Moon
  • Smart Mode: Slow Acclimation, Fast Growth, Vivid Color, Coral Fragging
  • Program Mode: 8 Time Points in Each Channel for custom settings
  • Adapter: AC 100-265 V Worldwide Suitable
  • Package: 2 panels, 1 smart controller
  • Plug Options: EU/BR/US/UK/AU, sent based on the country.

Transform your aquarium into a vibrant underwater paradise with the PopBloom Reef Coral LED Aquarium Light, providing the perfect balance of power, efficiency, and control for thriving corals.

*  It includes 1pc end panel + 1pcs middle panel

*  only middle panel can realize daisy chain, because it has cords in 2 sides.

*  end panel can not daisy chain

*  Note: if order 2 sets of this modes, all panels can not daisy chain to 1 controller.

*  if wanting more panels control by 1 controller, please contact us to arrange.

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