Product Name: Advanced ATO System with Precision Optical Sensors

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Maintain optimal water levels in your aquarium with the Advanced ATO System with Precision Optical Sensors. This state-of-the-art automatic top-off system is designed to ensure your aquarium remains at the perfect water level, preventing overfilling and dry runs with enhanced safety features.


  • Compact Size: The optical sensor unit is only 0.8 inches in diameter, making it perfect for rimmed, rimless, and sump tanks. The dual precision optical sensors are spaced 0.1 cm apart, allowing for precise monitoring with less than 0.6cm difference in water level fluctuations.
  • New and Improved Technologies:
    • ETFT (Extended Time Filling Technology): Adapts to your tank size after initialization, ensuring accurate refilling.
    • AFT (Anti-fluctuation Technology): Prevents overfilling by adjusting refilling time based on tank size.
    • QST 2.0 (Quick Security Technology): Offers real-time protection against overfilling and pump dry run. Alerts and stops the pump if refilling time exceeds six times the calculated duration, preventing malfunctions and empty reservoirs.
  • Complete Package: Includes everything you need for setup:
    • Powerful magnet supports glass walls up to 15mm thick.
    • Check valve prevents backflow.
    • Hose holder for easy tubing management.
    • Powerful 70gph water pump with a lift capacity of up to 2.5 meters.


  • Material: Metal
  • Fixed Form: Hang Up
  • Power Source: Charge
  • Voltage: 110-240V
  • Brand Name: JFENGLI
  • Origin: Mainland China

Ensure your aquarium stays at the perfect water level with the Advanced ATO System, designed for precision, reliability, and ease of use.

Why we need the smart aquarium auto top off?


Going out for a long time,no time to refill water.

The water level fluctuates high and low, causing scale.

Damaged heater.

Deterioration of water quality due to lack of water


MagTool MATO-360P is a compact Auto Top Off system for all sizes of freshwater and marine aquariums. Combining the optical auto refilling sensor and an anti-overfilling sensor in one pack, along with integrated QST v2.0, ETFT, and AFT algorithm, the SATO-360P precisely keeps the water level in right position and provides real-time protection against any failure and abnormality. Using MATO-360P to automatically replenish your water; maintaining a consistent salinity level better than manually and save you from this annoying chore.


Power : AC 100-240V/50-60 Hz input, DC 12V/1A output.

Power cable length: 6ft(180 cm)
Sensor precision: 1mm

Pump head: Head : 8.2 feet (250 cm)

Pump flowrate: 74 gph (280 lph)
Max. Mounting Thickness : 20mm
Length of Cable between Sensor and Controller: 4 feet (120 cm)


Patented QST v2.0, EFTT, & AFT Technologies Ensure Constant Water Level

The MagTool ATO-360P will start filling below the “LOW” position & fill slightly higher than the “LOW” position. The “HIGH” position will prevent overfilling. The newest MagTool ATO also has patented EFTT, AFT, & QTS technologies. These smart technologies allow the ATO device to work more safely compared to others on the market.


ETFT(Extra Time Filling Technology)

The MagTool ATO recognizes the aquariums size by timing how long it takes to fill the water from “LOW” to “HIGH” position & caculates a a extra filling time called ETFT(Extra Time Filling Technology). In normal working condition the device fills the water to the “LOW” position and will continue pumping for one extended filling time cycle until the water level reaches above “LOW” but never going above the “HIGH” position. The ETFT will precisely keep the water level between the “LOW” and the “HIGH” sensors. This unique feature allows extra time of rest between refills, therefore it increases the product’s life 

AFT (Anti-Fluctuation Technology)

Most ATO’s in the market start and stop the water pump too quickly due to the water level fluctuation caused by many factors. The frequent starting & stopping will shorten the pump’s life span and efficiency. Our smart ATO uses AFT to identify and recognize any false water fluctuation; it only starts the pump when the level is below “LOW”.

QST (Quick Security Technology) v2.0

The controller uses QST for real-time protection against overfilling and flooding. The controller will give a visual alert and stop the pump immediately when it senses a refilling time takes more than 6 times longer than the ETFT. QST can detect sensor malfunction or empty reservoir. In version 2.0 we incorporate ETFT feature and not relying on first filling time from version 1. Our ATO’s are far safer. Flooding barely happens when following the instructions carefully.

Built-in LED indicators to show working status

Alternating red and blue: device is booting up/initializing.

Solid blue LED: Stand by.

Slow flashing blue LED: pump is refilling the water.

Fast flashing blue LED: Water lever reached HIGH sensor, anti-overfilling works. (After 10 seconds quick flash, the LED will become solid, no need to act)

RED LED flashing: QST 2.0 alarm. 6 times longer than ETFT (the time it takes to fill your tank, which is calculated during initialization, aka about 50% of the time it takes to fill from LOW sensor to HIGH sensor).    



When will the controller activate the pump to fill water?

When the water level is below the “Low” sensor, the controller will activate the pump to fill water. The controller slowly flashes a blue LED during the refilling. 


When will the controller stop the pump refilling water?

The controller stops the pump under 3 conditions:

1. Water level has reached the “LOW” position. Indicates a good working condition.

2. Water level reach up to HIGH sensor position, anti-over-fill mechanism stops the pump.

3. Water refilling time reaches up to 6x the extended filling time. Pump stops to avoid dry running, or over-filling.


Why in start-up mode does the water lever reach the “HIGH” sensor, and when normally refilling the water does it stop between the “LOW” and “HIGH”?

● In start-up mode, the controller needs to fill the water to the “HIGH” position in order to recongize your aquariums size & calculate the EFT accurately.

● In normal working condition the device fills the water to the “LOW” position and will continue pumping for one extended filling time cycle until the water level reaches above “LOW” but never going above the “HIGH” position. The EFTT will precisely keep the water level between the “LOW” and the “HIGH” sensors.

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