Transparent Aquarium Moss Ball Filter

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Enhance your aquarium’s aesthetic and functionality with the Transparent Aquarium Moss Ball Filter. This innovative aquarium ornament is designed to provide a perfect platform for aquatic plant growth, water purification, and creating a safe habitat for shrimp to hide, rest, and breed.


  • Easy Installation: Thread structure design ensures effortless installation and removal, eliminating the need for cumbersome DIY processes.
  • Transparent Material: Made from high-quality plastic and ceramic sand, this moss ball filter is excellent for landscaping, allowing you to maintain a clear view of your aquarium.
  • Aquatic Plant Growth: Ideal for growing aquatic plants, it provides a stable platform for plant roots to anchor and thrive.
  • Water Purification: Can hold filter material to help purify water quality, making it suitable for shrimp cylinders and promoting a healthy aquatic environment.
  • Safe Habitat for Shrimp: Offers a perfect hideout for shrimp, allowing them to rest, breed, and feel secure.


  • Model Number: CXX211
  • Aquatic Decorations Type: Ornaments
  • Weight: 32g
  • Material: Plastic/Ceramic Sand
  • Color: Transparent
  • Features: Mineral Fertilizer Bio for aquarium plants growth, good aquatic grass cultivation platform, suitable for shrimp to hide, rest, and breed.
  • Sales Method: Wholesale or Retail
  • Package Included: 1 x Aquarium Moss Ball Filter (Plant seeds not included)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Transparent Aquarium Moss Ball Filter


  • Plant Seeds Not Included: This product does not include plant seeds.
  • Manual Measurement: There may be a 1-2cm difference due to manual measurement.
  • Color Difference: Slight color differences may occur due to lighting and screen settings.

Create a beautiful and healthy environment for your aquatic pets with the Transparent Aquarium Moss Ball Filter. Its unique design and functionality make it an essential addition to any aquarium.


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